One way to sell the house fast in the market is by hiring a video production company to film the house. Now, shooting part of the video while there is an open house is even wiser. An open house will give prospects the opportunity to see the house’s interior and exterior in person. Instead of seeing the house through visuals, an open house will give a prospect an unparalleled experience of viewing and feeling the aura of the house being sold. You can ask help from your Las Vegas luxury real estate agent.

As a seller, your best intention is to make the house as attractive and as homey as possible. Here are some ways to make the most out of your video activity: 

  1. Make sure that the house is ready to be sold. It’s a huge turn-off for guests to see the house bare, dusty and smelly like it has been never cleaned in years.  Make sure the house is furnished and pleasant before accepting a shooting date for the production.
  2. Create a budget for the open house. To make your open house successful, you need to set aside a budget to create your event. Your list of expenses might include furniture and fixtures, repainting, and some food and drinks for the guests. Make sure that the things you buy can be reused for future open houses, especially since you’ll have a great video to further market the house.
  3. If you want to highlight a product that you wish to feature at your open house, you can set them in the very noticeable part of the house. Let’s say you want to feature a painting, you can hang it in a place where many of your guests can see it and take a moment to appreciate it. You can postcards describing each display and how your guests can buy them.
  4. Creating a short program can make the open house more memorable. In the program, you can request for a short speech from the house owner, you can introduce a little background about the house and what makes it special, and you can also throw a raffle draw for the guests where they can win cool items.
  5. Serve some snack and drinks. Hire a caterer to do this for you. You don’t need to spend a lot for the food. Light snacks and lemonade will do.
  6. Invite all your friends and potential clients to come to your open house via social media and emails. Send emails with an attached formal invitation to VIPs. Encourage them to bring along a friend. You can also create an event on Facebook and invite your potential guests to come.

Organizing an open house doesn’t need to be stressful, even if you’re going to be shooting a video at the same time. Take it as a chance to build your network and market the house. However, never forget to enjoy the company of your guests. Your efforts will surely be rewarded in the end.